WASH in Schools

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For the most part of 2017, we spent a considerable amount of time working with 4 schools: Kiramuruzi Modern School, Ntete Primary School, Gorora Primary School, and Group Scolaire Rugarama in Gatsibo District. We partnered with Co2Balance UK on a Corporate Social Responsibility project designed to increase WASH practices in schools. The Project had four important components: Conducting training sessions … Read More

Women, Unsung Heroes

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Women, unsung heroes of our communities! We spent a day at one of our sites in Kayonza District, Eastern Province Rwanda. We were taking our partners, Likano Development Project Gmb, to a tour of the boreholes they funded. And we observed from afar as a group of women worked in a farm from early morning till late in the afternoon. … Read More

Underground Water

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Rwanda has a huge amount of unexploited underground water. This is not from a research we have conducted or anything, this is simply based on common sense. We are a country in the equatorial regions, and we receive an annual average rainfall that is above 1,000 mm. It has been raining that much for the last few hundred years, building … Read More

Today Is World Water Day

World Water Day 2018

On March 22, every year, the world comes together to celebrate World Water Day. For most people though, every day is a Water Day because, well, water is life and many people around the world have to spend hours a day collecting it. Some children still miss school or get to there late because they had to fetch water first. … Read More