WASH in Schools

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For the most part of 2017, we spent a considerable amount of time working with 4 schools: Kiramuruzi Modern School, Ntete Primary School, Gorora Primary School, and Group Scolaire Rugarama in Gatsibo District. We partnered with Co2Balance UK on a Corporate Social Responsibility project designed to increase WASH practices in schools. The Project had four important components:

  • Conducting training sessions for students, teachers as well as people living near the schools on WASH practices
  • Rehabilitating latrines, improving toilets in the four partner-schools
  • Installing washing stations, Tippy-taps, locally known as Kandagira-ukarabe, and
  • Installing solar panels to provide the much-needed electricity to these seemingly rural and remote schools.

We formed WASH clubs in these schools, now about 300 members, and these young men and women are challenging their parents and other community members on WASH practices vital to a healthy lifestyle. They are meeting, refreshing their knowledge on WASH issues, and teaching each other to lead a responsible life; and we cannot be any prouder.


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