Our Approach

Our aim is to provide solutions that are homegrown, sustainable and affordable. We work with communities, train and give jobs to locals, and in turn, they own the solutions we bring to the table. And we are proud of what we are accomplishing so far.

Our Story

We did not set out to start a water organization, instead, as Rwandan college students in U.S universities, we wanted to come home for a summer, do something good for one community and go back to school. When we built one borehole we asked ourselves, “Why build just one when we can do even more?” So from then we kept partnering with amazing people and organizations to bring water and sanitation solutions to the Rwandan people.

Meet the Team

These are the people that are playing a major role in our campaign to bring water home. They work together to manage all day-to-day activities within Rwandans4water. They all happen to love coffee and football.


Aloys Zunguzungu

Co-Founder & President

Aloys, aka Z, is a social entrepreneur with a keen interest in tech.


Raphael Gatabazi

Vice President

Raphael is a natural leader with a strong experience in startups.

Francois Murinda

Francois X. Murinda

Project Manager

Francois Coordinates our WASH projects. He’s welcoming and he loves people.