Women, Unsung Heroes

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Women, unsung heroes of our communities!

We spent a day at one of our sites in Kayonza District, Eastern Province Rwanda. We were taking our partners, Likano Development Project Gmb, to a tour of the boreholes they funded. And we observed from afar as a group of women worked in a farm from early morning till late in the afternoon. What caught out attention is how when they were about to go home, they each had a jerrycan, a water container, to take water home at the end of the day. They work in the fields all day, take water home, clean the house, do dishes, cook, feed their families, and make sure children are doing well in school. They are practically doing everything and they don’t brag about it or demand recognition. And we can’t help but notice that women are the unsung heroes of our communities, the pillars and the glue that hold our families together.


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